At the AGM, Peter Naughtin was named as the new president, replacing Miriam Ford who has stepped down from the position after three years. Lars Olof-Fermvall (vice president), Anne Fortune (secretary) and Dorothy Wright (treasurer) continue in their positions and head a committee also featuring Ally Openshaw, Jan Browning, Samantha Berg, Merrilyn Velcek, Ross Clark and Robyn Cox. This marks a full complement of members with former presidents Ally and Merrilyn rejoining the committee to help with the 50th anniversary celebrations.

Maroondah Singers Christmas Concert at Mountview Uniting Church Hall Dec 2017

Nadia Migliardi (Soloist) and James Emerson (2017 Vocal Scholar) singing “Give me my Song” with the choir

In her report, Miriam summed up the past year and her overall term of office by invoking the 3Ds – Delegation (of various small tasks to the general membership), Diligence (from the music team of Lyn Henshall and John Atwell and from our membership which helps the choir maintain a standard of excellence, as well coherence and solidarity) and Devotion (to good music, singing and the community created). In terms of membership she said that while some members may leave the choir it continues to attract new people, both young and old, ensuring the number of active choristers stays pretty stable

In her report, Musical Director Lyn Henshall noted that the choir continued to improve, was always willing to embrace new things and approached any task with much enthusiasm. She also read out a letter from Maroondah Symphony leader Willem van Der Vis which reflected on the success of our joint Elijah performance which also involved Diamond Valley Singers and Yarra Valley Singers.

Elijah with the Maroondah Symphony


Harmony Lee ( middle, our 2018 Vocal Scholar) with her mother on her right and the choir musical director, Lyn Henshall, on her left.

Lyn said she looked forward to this year’s 50th anniversary concert at Melba College on Sunday 17 June, noting that our past three scholars James Emerson, Lyndon Green and Jenna Roubos will feature with Harmony at the concert.  Lyn also commented on the success and enjoyment of our 2017 concerts.

Peter Naughtin gave a short address, expressing his honour at becoming the new president while also praising his predecessor Miriam for her outstanding leadership, a sentiment shared by all those in attendance. He also congratulated Harmony, commenting on the quality of her voice and wished her well.   Peter is currently collating the choir’s history which gives him a special perspective on such an important and historic year for the choir.